This article shows pictures and video of the repair works and calibration of an injection pump DEUTZ 528-8M in our testing bench.


We have 3 testing benches at our workshops for the calibration of different models of injection pumps, this week we have received an order to repair an injection pump Deutz 528-8M,

Once the pump is in our workshop, our technicians proceed to dismantle and check it, once the state of the pieces has been checked we proceed to inform the client and prepare the budget of the needed material to replace.

Once the budget is accepted by the client, we received the order to repair, we proceed to make the shot blasting, cleaning and blowing of all the parts of the pump which are not needed to replace.

We also have available technical means for polishing in our workshop if necessary.

When all the needed works are made and the new parts are received, we proceed to the assembly of the injection pump, once its assembly is completed we proceed to its calibration on the test bench according to the manufacture’s protocol. The Test Bench Quality Register report is always provided.

Finally the injection pump is packed to being picked up by the client at our workshop.

A detailed report of the repair works made in our workshop is issued together with the Test Bench Quality Register report at the end of every project.

Next you will find the photo & video report showing the work made by our technicians.

Servotek Motor Estado como se reciben las piezas

Servotek Motor
The pieces are recivied this way


SERVOTEK MOTOR Once the pieces have been prepared. This is the way that the pieces look like.