Supply of Spare Parts

Supply of Spare Parts



In our warehouse we have at our disposal an extensive stock of new and reconditioned spare parts, from the samllest joint to a cylinder block, which allows us to respond to a demand or a request immediately.

We provide a big variety of spares:

Crankshafts, blocks, bedplates, cylinder heads, pistons, connecting rods, ring sets, bearings, inlet / exhaust valves, heat exchangers, camshafts, injection pumps, pump elements, injectors, nozzles, etc.



Produced in different qualities and alloys. Our speciality are high quality valves made of nimonic 80 A and 81, for motors consuming heavy oil. For some motors, we supply them even with the spindle covered by ceramics. We also have raw material for special productions or very short series


Valve bodies

We have experience in the manufacture of valve bodies for more than 15 years. Our valve bodies are adaptable to motors Deutz 350/358, Deutz 540/640, Man 40/54, Werkspoor TM-410.
We are able to serve them even mounted with all their accessories, ready for their placement in cylinder heads.

Valve guides and valve seats

Produced with high accuracy machinery. The materials used are centrifuged and with different qualities. For the seats, we use alloys of refractory steel, appropriate for motors consuming heavy oil.


Produced by different European manufacturers, meeting the most demanding requirements for quality and accuracy.


We have the most modern machinery available to manufacture all type of gears, according to a drawing or sample.
We are specialized in the manufacture of unitary pieces for repair or construction.
We also manufacture short and medium series at very competitive prices.