In this video we present how to calibrate an injection pump Deutz 350-12M in our test bench.

At present, we count with three test benches for the calibration of the different models of injection pumps in our warehouses, when we receive an assignment to repair an injection pump, once in our warehouse we proceed to its dismounting and verification on behalf of our technicians, once proven the spare’s condition, we proceed to inform and estimate the customer the necessary material to be exchanged to proceed to realize the repair work of the pump.

Once the customer accepts the quotation and we receive the order to repair, we proceed to drip, cleaning and blowing of all parts which are not exchanged from the injection pump.

In case it is necessary to do mechanized work, we dispose of the necessary technical means for it in our warehouse.

Once realized all necessary works, we proceed to the mounting of the injection pump, finished its mounting, we proceed to its calibration in the test bench according to the protocol of the engine’s manufacturer.

We include Test Bench Reliable Register Report.

At last, we proceed to parcel up for its later collection by the customer in our warehouse.

At the end of every fulfilled project, we elaborate a detailed report of the works done in our warehouse and together with the Test Bench Reliable Register Report we transfer it to our customer.